Personal Assistant at JustRight Therapy Services

JustRight Therapy Services hiring people as Personal Assistant. The Selected person will be earn at least $55000 – $64999 NZD per month. There are also many more opportunities. Read the entire post carefully to know all the details related to this job.
PostingPersonal Assistant
Job EmployerJustRight Therapy Services
LocationPA, EA & Secretarial
Salary$55000 – $64999
Job SectorPA, EA & Secretarial

We are currently looking for an executive assistant to be the supportive force that empowers our senior leadership. The ideal person for the job will be a proactive problem solver with exceptional communication skills and a meticulous attention to detail. He/She will have previous experience working in an office environment, performing administrative duties and providing support to management; preferably within the health sector. Given the changing nature of the executive landscape, we rely on our assistants for flexibility and foresight, while maintaining confidences related to high-level systems and operations.


  • The purpose of the position is to complete tasks in line with but not limited to client services, patient management and personal Assistant to Behaviour Support Practitioner (BSP).
  • These procedures must be carried out in line with NDIS and NIIS guidelines
  • The position is designed to achieve maximum efficiency, and adhere to the role outlined by the JRTS Medico-Legal Executive Manager in collaboration with the Director
  • The employee who holds this position will work closely and report to the Practice Manager.
  • The employee who holds this position will liaise with their line manager (BSP).


JRTS Medico-Legal:

  • Client Services
    • Managing customer relationships
    • Phone calls, emails and face-to-face communications.
  • Patient Management
    • Intake and data entry.
    • CRM management
    • Report templating and Quality Control
    • Resource management – updating client data
    • Maintain patient confidentiality at all times, as per JRTS ML Policy
  • Support the development of JRTS ML Systems and processes.
  • Become familiar with other admin roles to cover in times of leave.
    • Back-end support
    • Invoicing


  • Appropriate Administration Qualification or certificate and/or considerable experience upholding Govt legislation within individual company Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Health or support background at a tertiary level
  • Sound critical thinking and evidence-based practise knowledge and skills.
  • Be able to demonstrate excellent skills in
    • Communication
    • Organisation
    • Time Management 
  • Ability to meet and exceed KPI standards.
  • Ability to accept constructive feedback
  • Display respect towards fellow staff and supervisors.
  • Sound understanding of company policies and procedures 

All qualifications must comply with provincial human rights legislation. 


The current position description requires:

  • Part-time to full-time
  • A willingness to meet deadlines as imposed by BSP, Practice Manager and Company Director.
  • An ability to respond to changing JRTS ML Administration needs
  • An ability to negotiate with difficult and challenging clients, NDIS Support Coordinators and Plan managers.


  • JRTS Management acknowledges that the job must be completed within normal working hours.
  • Regular working times would be beneficial to JRTS ML, and these must be outlined at the commencement of the contract.
  • Must be required to be present in the office unless sick or absent due to extenuating circumstances.
  • If the hours or days are to change temporarily or permanently for any reason then this must be approved by the director and cover organised.
  • At no time is the employee ever to provide other administrative support to another NDIS provider unless declared as a conflict of interest, and approved by the Director.

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